Our Pastor

Meet our Pastor, James Yoder.

  • James Yoder

    Hi my name is James Yoder.  My Wife Paula and I would like to share with you our journey. I was born in a small rural town, Mazie, OK.  I was raised in an Amish home, but never joined the Amish church.

    On 08/18/1998 I realized the need for a savior, although I appeared to have it all to together. After accepting Jesus as Lord, I made the decision to go after Him and live like He really is alive and realized He was calling me into the ministry.

    While working at Oneok in Tulsa, OK,  I made the decision to make a change in my occupation, and joined Combine Insurance Co. this would accommodate the hours I needed to receive ministry training at Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, OK.  Paula and I met in Dallas TX, while in management training with Combine Insurance Co.

    After completing ministry training in May of 2011 we took the opportunity to accept work at Sand Ridge Energy and moved to Enid Ok.

    Paula and I realized the importance of being a part of a local church body and attended World Harvest Church in Enid, OK.  While serving there we were in the ministry of helps and served as an Elder. In May of 2016 we were given the opportunity to fill in as interim Pastor at Antelope Valley Church in Billings, OK. In June of 2017 Paula and I were offered and enthusiastically and with much joy accepted the Pastors position at Antelope Valley Church.